Musik ist mehr


Dr. Bernd Michael Sommer



For the time to come, I will focus on musical education for everybody. I will ask your help for this project.



There is more to music than our society makes of it. Music may help to realize our individual and social potential. When making music, we experience being active and passive at the same time. When singing with others, we synchronize our individual and collective perception.

Furthermore, making music inspires us. Inspiration is the best requirement for learning and supports our entire system.

The vision of MUSIC IS MORE

Learning to make music should be open to everybody. A well-founded musical education for everyone should be taken for granted as well as learning to read and write.
We may benefit from music much more than we do right now. When musical ken becomes part of our way of life, some problems may vanish into thin air - especially those problems unsoluble by the calculating mind and the language of words.

What do I find at MUSIC IS MORE?

What is the foundation of MUSIC IS MORE?

Old wisdom says: The world is sound. Modern physics says: Everything in this universe is wave.

There is a fantastic potential to music. We can connect to this potential by making music and by mindful listening. We can experience being connected to others by making music. People describe their experience as feeling like home, peace, feeling of security, stillness, or zest for life.

Making Music together ...

Obertonsingen in Prag 2005

... means experiencing a game with sounds (photo: overtone festival in Prague). According to the law of resonance, music provides us with energy. We feel attentive concentration as well as deep relaxation and we become wide awake.

Music is the native tongue of all humans and hence a form of communication that builds bridges and manages cultural and ethnic boundaries.

Making music has consequences for our perception and our body. There is scientific evidence for music changing people´s brainwaves and breath frequencies. Our senses become keener, the doors to creativity and intuition open. A room for healing comes into being while our reckoning mind gets a break.

Actively making music connects us to a source of power for our individual and collective life.

MUSIC IS MORE is Bernd Michael Sommer´s contribution to a global society that brings its individual and collective potential fully to fruition and lives together in peace.

What can You do?

May this website be an inspiration for you!