Musik ist mehr


Dr. Bernd Michael Sommer

From my point of view, getting into music, sound and rhythm is important for every human being. Getting into music helps on various levels: individuals unfold their potential, groups experience that they are connected, and we may awake and become aware that we are all part of everything there is.

Bernd Michael Sommer

Bernd Michael Sommer, PHD

is an expert for innovative music pedagogy, jazz harmony, ear training, and overtone singing. He plays piano, guitar, didgeridoo, percussion and some other instruments.

After having studied music with focus on jazz, he worked as a professional jazz musician. After that, he studied musicology, psychology and American literature and culture at the Universit├Ąt des Saarlandes and wrote a dissertation on sightreading music.

He has been touring the world with his music. In musical courses, he inspires his audiences with his fresh approach to music. His courses are asked for by universities and conservatories as well as muscial education centers open to the public. Aside from composing, performing and recording music, he develops groundbreaking prototypes of learning and investigates the effects of music, sound and rhythm to human beings.

Together with his wife, the musician and music researcher lives in Neunkirchen, a town of 50000 inhabitants in the southwest of Germany.